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Why Presidio?

A message from the CEO

First of all, I wanted a name that moved away from a focus on any one person, and instead let the team build its own culture of excellence and pride. All of us have worked somewhere where the phrase, "It's my name on the door" has been used to stop conversation and debate. That's not the type of place I want to work in, and I don't want anyone else to have to, either. Together, we are all Presidio.
Second, we all wanted to choose a name that acknowledged the rich history and diversity of our home and adopted state. From the Presidios of San Francisco, Monterey, and San Diego to Avenida Presidio in San Clemente, the presidio ("fort" in Spanish) is intertwined with California's history, geography, and culture, and many stand to this day.
Like the presidios, we're here to stay.
–Danny Fierro