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Public Relations

Your brand is your promise to consumers regarding what they can expect from you and your business. Our team works with you to develop the public face of your brand, its message, and its core identity. 


press & media relations

Taking advantage of the news cycle and capitalizing upon positive media attention is crucial for any brand. We work with you to tailor your story to each media outlet, increasing the likelihood that it gets reported. We prepare you for appearances and interviews, scout locations, and coordinate day-of filming when needed. 

Of course, we always look to avoid any media crisis, yet should a difficult situation arise, we will be there to manage the press and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. We do not abide by the adage that "all press is good press." 


social media management

Our strategy for your social media program involves more than simply clicking promote and letting the platform do all the work. We work with you to create a content calendar of collateral that can appeal to the audiences on each platform. 

We identify the platforms that appeal to your target audience and create a blend of advertising and influencer partnerships to build upon your social media presence. With this blend, we can capitalize upon not only the reach of paid advertising, but also the validation of a 3rd-party's endorsement. 


brand management

The value of your brand comes from (1) people's awareness of it, (2) its perceived quality, (3) your customers' loyalty to it, and (4) what people associate it with. In managing your brand, these are the four pillars we aim to strengthen, elevate, and enhance. 



Whether you are looking for a complete marketing plan, some ideas to improve your online presence, or a la carte services to help you understand the ways people interact with your business, we provide strategies tailored to your needs that will make the most impact with your customers.


your online presence

Your online presence is often your first opportunity to engage with customers. Whether through a search engine result, an online advertisement, or a social media feed, customers have several touch points through which to interact with your business and your personality.

Our services range from complete website design and search engine optimization to social media and pay-per-click advertising. We ensure that these services are optimized for computer and mobile use across both iOS and Android platforms. 

strategic consulting

Every client's needs are different. That's why we get to know you, your business, and your audience before we try to sell you anything. We pay attention to your budget and provide a strategy that will accomplish your goals. We then analyze various metrics to ensure that your goals are being met. 


communications & market research

For those wishing to understand more about their current market and their place within it, or if you're thinking about expanding your current market or entering a new one, our team will do the quantitative and qualitative research that can guide you in taking the next step.

We will present our findings to you and address the key consumer insights we have gleaned from the data that reflect the most promising market opportunities. 


Public Affairs

Presidio offers all its clients unrivaled government and public affairs expertise at the state and local level along with the individual attention that a local, boutique firm can offer. We deliver for our clients, and we do so while helping you build the relationships you need for long-term success. 


Public Agencies

Informing your constituents about the services you offer, the work you do, and the achievements you've made can be a daunting task, especially when your staff is busy making your agency run. Furthermore, governmental regulations and public accountability for every piece of communications makes the task even more sensitive. 

We understand the importance and complexity of crafting and conveying a clear, authentic, and engaging message, and will provide you the personalized support and guidance you need to do so. We can embed staff within your agency to give you more face time with our team, easing any concern over our team's ability to execute your agency's communications priorities. 


Government Affairs

Need help navigating large bureaucracies or the politics within the Capitol? With over 20 years of combined experience in federal, state, and local politics, our team has cultivated the relationships to assist you in building a rapport with elected officials and public agencies. 

Some common services we provide include legislative updates, introductions to key decision makers, and compliance with governmental regulations.  


politics & advocacy

Running for political office requires coordination, planning, and an understanding of the political landscape. Let our team coach you through the demands of running a political campaign.

From overall campaign management to field direction to mail design and distribution, our team of talented professionals can ensure that your constituents see and understand your platform.