At Presidio, we work with you to identify your goals for social media. Whether you're looking for brand awareness, more followers, targeted ads, or audience engagement, we create the campaign that achieves your goals.

Content Creation

Managing your own social media can quickly consume all of your time. What should you post? What hashtags should you use? Are filters really necessary? And now you have to tag people? The image and content of each post reflect upon your organization, its priorities, and its ability to engage with its target audience.

Our team can make sure that each post has the optimal content to reach your audience and engage with followers across a wide variety of platforms. 

Services Include

Graphic Design


Content Calendar

A sustained social media presence requires some pre-planning in order to avoid any lulls in coverage. Plus, if you have an important event coming up, we can schedule posts around the date that not only increase awareness, but also take advantage of day-of coverage of the event. 

To ensure a consistent and timely social media presence, we create a custom calendar of scheduled posts (photos, videos, text included), where you can see everything we have planned to go out.  

Paid Advertising

Integrating paid social into your social media campaign allows you to see the performance metrics behind each post. With definitive numbers on click-through rates, impressions, and audience reach, you will know exactly how many people have seen and interacted with your ad. Additionally, based upon those numbers, we can analyze which style of ad most appeals to your specific audience and capitalize upon those findings. 

A paid campaign can be adjusted for any budget, and we are happy to work with you to figure out the best way to integrate it into your social media strategy. 


Influencer Partnerships

Social media influencers have a following that you can quickly take advantage of. Knowing the audience you want to target allows us to find the specific influencer/s who speak to that population. A partnership gives you access to that target audience, and the influencer's endorsement or attention to your organization encourages their followers to pay attention to you.